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Kensuke’s Kingdom At The BFI London Film Festival 2023

We had the absolute pleasure of watching Kensuke’s Kingdom at the BFI London Film Festival the other week. And the first time we got to hear our work in glory of the BFI IMAX Cinema.

In 2022 we shot the Foley for Kensuke’s Kingdom. A feature length animated reimagining of Michael Morpurgo’s classic children’s story. Brought to life on the big screen by Screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce and Co-Directors Neil Boyle and Kirk Hendry. The story of a young boy stranded on a remote island and his unlikely encounter with a Japanese man who has made the island his home.

Foley Mixer Julien Pirrie has not only previously worked on Private Peaceful, (another Michael Morpurgo classic) but also on Lupus Film’s last acclaimed animated feature Ethel and Earnest (2016). So we felt very familiar with the tone and charm the film makers wanted to achieve.

Animation is so rewarding for our Foley Team. When you have no set sound you get to build the soundscape from scratch. We had a superb time creating the sounds of Orangutans, Dogs, Insects, Lizards, boats, rainforest and a bamboo treehouse. Huge thank you to our regular collaborators, the awesome Will Cohen and the team at String and Tins who delivered beautiful mix.

It can be challenging to take a beloved book and turn it into a film. But Lupus Films have used the art of animation and sound to bring a new layer of beauty to this classic novel. Hopefully bringing the story of Kensuke’s Kingdom to a new generation.

Big thank you to the whole Foley Barn team, but a special thank you to Gareth Rhys Jones, Paula Boram and Lilly Blazewicz for their skills and attention to detail, which brought these characters to life.