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Award Winning Foley Sound Mixer & Artists

The Foley Barn is one of the top specialist Foley studios in the UK. Masters of Creative Sound, custom recorded to match your project perfectly. The 1600sqft dual studio and edit suit was custom built to suit the Foley Sounds needed for any production. We even have a whole car in the studio.

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Custom Built Foley Sound Studio & Top End Kit

Our twin studio and foley stages are custom built, ensuring crisp and clean recordings. With triple skin sound proofing and custom designed sound treatment. We take pride in recording perfect, artefact free foley, every time.

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Microphone from the foley barn sound studio

Top End Specialist Microphones & Equipment

Our microphones include but are not limited to: Schoeps CMIT5U, Neumann u87, Neumann KMR81 & Sennheiser 416. Want to come and see what else we have for your project? Get in touch.

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30+ Specially Designed Foley Surfaces

When building our studio, we focused on true sound replication accross every surface possible. We have 2 full size studios each with a plethora of surfaces, and the ability to build and tailor surface to each project. We ensure your project is as accurate as possible.

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A Full Chrysler PT Cruiser Inside The Studio

One of our bigger props. We have a full size car in our studio for accurate recreation of car sound effects. What’s more, it has microphone inputs built into the dashboard to allow us to close the doors and get the intimate and detailed sounds of the car interior with an authentic acoustic.

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A Huge Curated Prop Store Developed Over Years

Our massive prop store has been growing over years of projects. From Medievil Armor and Chainmail, to Bicycles, Skateboards, 15 types of Chairs and buckets of broken glass, we have the right prop to exactly match your project.

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Guerrilla/Location Foley

We are not just limited to the studio. We’ve also recorded location Foley out in the real world tailored to project needs. From living rooms and fields to stately homes and huge halls.

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Located on a Quiet Farm in Knebworth, North of London

Have your project escape the busy sounds of the city, we chose our location to ensure the best sound quality for our work. Set in the idyllic and iconic Hertfordshire town of Knebworth. Internationally known as the ‘British home for classic rock’ for concerts for the likes of Oasis, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. With London only 30 minutes away. We are perfectly situated and ideally set outside the M25 for any Post Production Regional Spend requirements.

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