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The Great(est) Show Ever Cancelled

Very sad to hear the news that Hulu have cancelled ‘The Great’. This was one of our favourite projects to have worked on last year both professionally but also as fans of the show. So we were ecstatic to be part of Season 3. Such a brilliantly written and acted show with fantastic costumes and set design. It was the full package.

After seeing the huge halls and ornate rooms we decided the best thing for it was to shoot some location foley specifically to the project to layer in with the studio foley. Having previously recorded location Foley for Netflix Feature Period Drama Persuasion. We got in touch with our friends at The National Trust and had the pleasure of record Foley at Claydon House in Buckinghamshire.

What an amazing experience, the natural resonance paired with the details of the studio foley, took things to a whole new level. Check out some picture from the location foley record below.

We’d relish the opportunity to do some more guerrilla location foley, so hit us up if you think this would suit your project!