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When it comes to Foley recording, we love producing the highest quality sound and making sure our clients deadlines are met. Following a recently completed project, the most recent season of Blue Bloods for CBS, we asked our client for a quick testimonial we could us on our website. What we received absolutely blew us away, rather than let the HUGE response we received go to waste by cutting it up to use as a snappy testimonial, we’re instead publishing the entire thing. We hope you enjoy reading about the services we can provide, and if you’re interested in using us for your next Foley sound project, be sure to contact us right away.

I am the Sound Supervisor for the CBS Television Series “Blue Bloods”. We are about to begin our 8th season …. 22 one hour episodes each season. We work under an extremely tight and inflexible schedule. Episode Turnover to Mix Day 1 is five days. We mix an episode in 2 days. Mix completion to Air Date is 2 days …. we finish mixing Tuesday night and the episode airs that Friday Night!!!. Our season always opens with 8 to 10 episodes airing in a row …. we receive each episode 5 days before each Mix Day 1. There are no early deliveries that allow us to “bank” an episode and edit in advance. That is our crew’s reality!! That is Julien’s reality! Julien has been with us for the last five seasons and he better be available until the end of our run!!!

On to Julien!! Despite the fact that Julien is 3,459 miles away, he might as well be next door!!! Our workflow is that seamless!! The Producers, the Mixers, and I love his work. The quality and quantity of the material we receive is not only of the highest standard but Julien’s particular esthetic creates the proper “flavor” in those very special moments where we rely on Foley to complete the sonic fabric within those “signature” scenes. Julien’s foley’s are always “well acted” and, more importantly, they perfectly match and blend within our production tracks. It is obvious to me, and to our Mixers, that Julien carefully listens to our production tracks and records appropriately to match.

Julien has never let us down, nor have I ever had to call him and ask for a redo, or a touchup, or anything. Julien has afforded me the luxury of not worrying, or fretting about our foleys. Thanks to Julien’s professionalism and complete coverage I can devote my energies to our other departments. Except this one time ……………

Last season the Producers and CBS were juggling the order of the episodes and in the bedlam of the schedule changes I forgot to send the revised schedule to Julien, he called me when he finally received that revised schedule ….. It was a late Friday night (NY Time) and our mix started that Monday 9am (NY Time) …. he calmly told me he had no Pix and Guides, or notes for that episode!! After I recovered from my faint, Julien said not to worry. He said he would gather his crew and work the weekend. I immediately sent him the material and hoped for the best. The Producers had no issue with the overages and he nailed a particularly “busy” episode and delivered it to me that Sunday Night (NY Time)!! By the end of the day that Monday all was perfect, except for the lump on my head …. when I fainted my head hit my editing table!

I will always consider Julien my first hire on any project.

Stuart Stanley
Sound Supervisor “Blue Bloods”
CBS Television Productions







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